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Make/Like/Wish/Think (2009)

emotional lyrics with acoustic and affected guitars and a few well placed beeps and buzzes thrown in. Some happy, some sad. 19 songs

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Jerry Stamp


So there I was as a kid in St.John's, Newfoundland dreaming of playing music when I grew up. As I started to grow up I realized what a stupid idea that was. So I looked into Geology/Chiropractic school/ Law/anything that would give me a prosperous career. But I couldn't stop writing the songs and wanting to play them. I travelled for a bit after high school. Went to europe with a choir and did some great things there. Acted for a while. And then I did a Classical music degree. That's right I am an opera singer (so don't piss me off or I will sing really loud at you). Although I liked the opera and classical stuff I still wanted to conquer every other style i could find. So I gave in to my muse, started a new band (KING NANCY) and moved to Toronto...the land of milk and honey...The Band has toured, Released three studio albums and two live albums. I have sung on a half dozen or so other artists albums, ranging from classical to rock (HHM, QVE, Impalas,etc.). I have been featured on several TV programs as soloist and support performer, as well as writing and arranging music for other artists and several stage plays. I even Played Piano on a friends record. I released an album in November of 2008 called 'Racing Bad Weather', and am already set to release another new full length record in the spring of 2009 (to be titled 'There is something in me that makes me like to think I wish I could be'). I played almost 200 shows last year alone and have shared the stage with Broken Social Scene, Sam Roberts, I Mother Earth, Pilate and many others. I could list off some awards, accolades and achievements but that shit is weak (some of them are pretty funny stories though). You're not supposed to be here to read how great I am, you are supposed to listen to crappy quality mp3s and decide for yourself. Hope you enjoy it. Hugs and Kisses J

Jerry Stamp- Throat and Guitar




Completed Albums


emotional lyrics with acoustic and affected guitars and a few well placed beeps and buzzes thrown in. Some happy, some sad. 19 songs

Letter Of Vows   Download
Squall   Download
7 Letters   Download
Tonight   Download
The Reapplication Of Lip Gloss   Download
We   Download
And The Waves Crash...   Download
Smile   Download
Photos   Download
#9   Download
I Want Life   Download
Irene   Download
Trainwreck   Download
We Are All In Love   Download
Goodbye   Download
En Suite   Download
This Is Your Dream   Download
Colours You Can't See   Download
Senorita On Fire   Download